PROJECT: NEW Office Set Up

By Riko L, 30th March 2017

Setting up a new office isn’t an easy task as I always thought. I’m glad that I was given a chance to experience the process from A to Z. It wasn’t a lone ranger task, but it involved a great team that bring us success which took only 3 months to complete the setup of the new office.





Planning on the “IN” organization board.





First of all, I would like to thank Bobo T, our trainee, who had been assisting us in dealing with contractors on quotation request arrangement before he hands over all the documents by the time he ends his internship with us.



The “IN” Organization Board – Scrabble board in progress.






Personally, I’ve learnt how to manage my time in arranging all the tasks required between my work and the setup of the new office. And, most importantly is TEAMWORK and SUPPORT from the boss and colleagues. Teamwork is the ability which determines the cooperative efforts of a group of people to work well together.



What do you think about this Org chart? There are also memorable pictures in #iforte.






Special thanks to #ifortean for the efforts and time spent that bring us working together!






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