In provisioning Contract Staffing services for our client, both iFORTE and the client work together to source and identify candidates to be employed on Contract of Service engagements.  In general term, iFORTE and our client collaborate in partnership that implies a “co-employment” relationship where the employee is officially employed under iFORTE and at the same time outsourced to the client.

The identified candidates are employed for specific contract duration for the purpose of fulfilling our client’s project engagements. This employee, sometimes referred to as contractors are engaged by iFORTE but works at, and is supervised on a day-to-day basis by the client. Typical positions filled are of technical jobs such as engineer, functional skills such as Human Resource and Accounting. Job length typically is 6-12 months but may extend to two years or longer.


Scope of Services

iFORTE handle all of the human resource administrative and financial tasks pertaining to the hiring of the contractors. iFORTE become the legal employer of the candidate and handle some specific tasks, including things like new-hire employment paperwork/ orientation, benefits administration such as insurance and leaves, general liability coverage, legal contracts, timesheets, invoicing, payroll processing, bonding, day- to-day administrative functions and etc.

Also, the contractor needs an EA form at the end of the year. iFORTE assist the contractor in documents preparation and submission to relevant regulatory bodies if needed to.

iFORTE major responsibilities are managing financial issues, including payroll funding and processing, statutory compliance, taxes, invoicing and collections. We also handle expenses and per diem if the contractors qualify for these perks under client’s guidelines.


Results and Benefits

From the services provided, our client is able to save time, costs and effort in managing this large pool of contractors. By engaging us in providing Contract Staffing services, our clients’ direct benefits include:

  • Meeting short to medium term project needs
  • Transparent costing
  • Freezes client internal human resource from normal permanent hiring
  • Able to scale up or rightsizing depending on timeline & skill set needs
  • Crowdsourcing of candidates from various channels
  • Eliminate tedious process in procurement selection
  • Contract legality managed by us
  • Ensuring compliance to labour law