In provisioning Contract Staffing services for our client as outlined above, one of the sub-component of the services includes payroll administration. iFORTE helps clients by processing the payroll according to the local rules and ensuring statutory regulations are adhered to.

The challenges of payroll functions on a monthly basis are ensuring that employees’ payday are on time, all statutory and compliances are submitted accordingly and miscellaneous claims, over-time, leaves are properly calculated to ensure no dispute from the employees. From an operational point of view, by outsourcing Managed Payroll Services to us, we ensure that employees payday are accurate, on-time and statutory complianced without our client worries about their own hired payroll staff resignation at any point of time.


Results and Benefits

Saves operation time, effort and costs

Up-to-date reporting and analysis for better decisions

Maintenance free eliminating software and hardware investments

Ensuring confidentiality

Eliminates staff attrition issue, retention benefits and retraining in-house payroll staff

We ensure statutory compliance such as EPF, SOCSO, LHDN are adhered to strictly

We provide industry’s best practice based on our combined experienced in Contract Staffing & Managed Payroll Services