Service Line Industry: Recruitment VS Hospitality (Hotel)


By Rachel Hee, 24th January 2017

I was a Hospitality Management’s graduate student who has never thought that I will be changing my working industry from hotel to recruitment agency.  Before I joined Iforte as a recruitment consultant, my perception towards recruitment was very simple. I thought talents can be found easily and the recruiter task is to just submit CV to clients as per candidate’s application. I do not understand and know the exact way for a recruiter to obtain CV or talents which suits their clients’ requirement. Everybody has a life to live and definitely they will be searching for better career opportunity and this is why recruitment agency existed.

However, after my two months’ journey as a recruitment consultant I realize that things weren’t as easy as I thought before. Though the time frame is short but I understand that recruitment is not about submitting CV to clients only. It is a tough journey as we are required to filter tons of CVs to seek for a candidate who is suitable as per our client’s requirements. Being in a recruitment agency which forte in IT industry is way tougher.  Nonetheless, I have been given a chance to learn and evolve. I learned what is IT all about from programming language, database to methodologies etc. Other than that, I was given an opportunity to learn how to interview a candidate to understand not only the clients’ requirement but candidates’ needs as well.



Overall, I am glad that I have chosen this career path as I know that being a recruitment consultant, I am able to help those in need to have a better working opportunity and that could be a life changing for some people.

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