Four Common Mistakes about Your Resume

By Vivian Khoo, 6th March 2017

Your resume is often the first contact you make to impress your employer — and it is crucial for successful career search to grab a chance for a face-to-face interview. Avoid these four mistakes on your resume.

  1. Being extremely brief – Yes, employers can get a rough idea of what you do in that role but still, you do not have to use only one sentence to explain your responsibility. Perhaps you can go little more detail by writing at least 7 – 10 meaningful sentences that say about your responsibilities, exposures, projects and etc.
  2. List all irrelevant experience – Employers are not really interested in what you do as part time or internship unless it is relevant to what you are applying. Let’s say you are applying for an IT job, then do not include your freelance modeling job. Because that does not justify how it makes you competent for the IT job.
  3. There is no contact details – Yes, don’t laugh. This is actually happening. Employers have seen resumes that there isn’t any email or phone number on it. So, what do you expect them to do with a resume with no contact details? Just look at it or ask every connection they have to look for you?
  4. Wrong spelling and grammar – This might seem harmless but it is actually important. Resume says a lot about your personality and effort. You might be seen as you are not putting effort or your English is simply bad. Because spelling error and grammar mistakes would not happen if you proofread your resume.


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