iFORTE Kick Off Meeting 2017

By Vivian Khoo, 3rd March 2017

Here comes the time of the year again. On the second week of January 2017, we held our Kick Off Meeting. But this year was a little bit different. We are not having the meeting in iForte office like the previous years, we are doing it in Svofo instead – a cafe style open concept workspace at Kota Damansara.

So with this good start of the choice of venue, we started our kick off meeting.

There are a few purposes of holding kick off meeting every year. First, it serves as a review the past year performance of 2016. Second, it is to set the direction & plan for the year of 2017. It is also to share what are the good, the bad, the challenges that we have learnt and how does it impact us individually and as a company. Last but not least, it is also to rejuvenate what we have forgotten, re-introduction, reconnect our service lines for better understanding.

Since each of us is taking multiple roles (Sport/Event/Charity Organizer, Digital Marketing Consultant, Payday Product Consultant and etc) in the company, we take turn to present our “New Year, New iForte” – 2017 resolution. We have planned a lot of activities for year 2017. So stay tuned!

As the meeting went on, I think we have all done a great job! *Giving each and every one of us a pat on the shoulder for going so far.*


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