Certified Human Resource Officer Program

Often people say that Human Resource is about how we manage human in an organization. However without a proper understanding in Human Resource, it may cause us difficulties in performing certain task as an employer or employee. I have recently joined a class organized by MIHRM called Certified Human Resource Officer (CHRO). Being a first timer who took up this course to enhance my knowledge in Human Resource area has brought me to another level of learning.

This course consists of 6 modules which includes of Principles of HR Management & Organizational Behavioral, Employment, Training & Development, Compensation, Benefits & Appraisals, Employee Relations and OSHA & SOCSO. This course equips us with appropriate knowledge, skills and techniques to perform Human Resource functions and responsibilities in an organization.

My class consists of students whose fortes are in Human Resource, Administrative, Finance and Recruitment. The main reason for students from Human Resource background who attended the class is to enhance their knowledge in order to be certified officially as a Human Resource Officer. Where else for those from other background, their intentions are different where it is not only about enhancing their knowledge to be certified but to have chances to evolve into a different industry for a better career opportunity in the near future. This has proven that knowledge and career has no boundary as long as we are not afraid to learn.

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