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What other services in Human Resources area can ease your burden and help you on your daily operation?

In general, the term of “Human Resource” is defined as the department of a business or organization that deals with the hiring, administration, and training of personnel. Over time, HR has been successfully modernized to serve more than just hiring, administration and training purposes. Let’s check out what can HR help in easing your burden […]

Certified Human Resource Officer Program

Often people say that Human Resource is about how we manage human in an organization. However without a proper understanding in Human Resource, it may cause us difficulties in performing certain task as an employer or employee. I have recently joined a class organized by MIHRM called Certified Human Resource Officer (CHRO). Being a first […]

HR Acronyms, Definitions and Abbreviations

In the course of our communication with friends, candidates, clients and even family members, many types of acronym, definition and abbreviation have been bandied around with related to HR. Is it HR (Human Resource) or HC (Human Capital) ? It’s the same thing. Resource seems negative, where else Capital seems to stress on assets (more […]

Service Line Industry: Recruitment VS Hospitality (Hotel)

  By Rachel Hee, 24th January 2017 I was a Hospitality Management’s graduate student who has never thought that I will be changing my working industry from hotel to recruitment agency.  Before I joined Iforte as a recruitment consultant, my perception towards recruitment was very simple. I thought talents can be found easily and the […]