We help you to employ the resources you need. We manage your contractors and all
statutory requirements so that you can focus on your core business.

In general term, iFORTE and our client collaborate in partnership that implies a "co-employment" relationship where the employee is officially employed under iFORTE and at the same time outsourced to the client. Candidates are employed for specific contract duration for the purpose of fulfilling our client’s project engagements. This employee, sometimes referred to as contractors are engaged by iFORTE but works at, and is supervised on a day-to-day basis by the client. iFORTE will undertake all HR administrations thus frees you from tedious procedures of a normal hiring.

Tight deadline and need resources fast. Or do not have headcount but need the resources in short, medium or long term basis, consider IT Outsourcing with us.

We can solve your problem when you have issues such as headcount freeze or when you need resources in a short time frame or even when you only need the resources for a short period of time. Candidates will be under iFORTE’s payroll whilst working on-site with you.

Saves you costs in terms of software, hardware, paper and personnel costs among others. Saves you time and effort in tracking and filling of reports internally and to regulatory bodies.

Outsource your payroll processing to us and you will save costs on payroll personnel, payroll software & hardware, maintenance upgrades, paper, toner, ink and most of all saves you from making mistakes in not complying with regulatory changes and updates which in turn costs you penalty fines. Our payroll outsourcing services follows a stringent and methodological process to ensure compliance to each company’s individual needs and at the same time comply with regulatory rules and regulations.